Tom DePalma (E18) and Tyler Shapiro (E18) present their work at Design Day.
Welcome to the BME 7/8 Senior Capstone Project home page! This course is a comprehensive design project (or research project with significant design components) undertaken by all BME seniors under the guidance of a faculty or industry supervisor. The course seeks to achieve design, problem solving, and decision-making skills as applied to biomedical problems and biomedical contexts as well as execution of R&D project. Project work is supplemented by thematic lectures focused on selected topic areas. Examples include:

- What makes a good product? Effective product design
- Entrepreneurship: Translating ideas into a profitable company
- Engineering ethics
- Who (and how) you work with others matters: Teamwork and group dynamics
- Project management
- The means to build: Funding for commercial research
- Intellectual Property and licensing
- Presenting your ideas: Give your product the value it deserves
- Medical Applications and the FDA approval process

The first term (BME 7) will focus on how to approach an open-ended project, define the approaches, logistics, estimate the costs and plan for its execution, including risk mitigation and plan for testing and evaluation of the devised system, component, or process. Students develop a project under the guidance of Tufts faculty or sponsors from Boston-area companies or hospitals. A formal project outline is defined through an NIH-style project proposal. The second term (BME 8) focuses on experimental design and execution, data analysis techniques and presentation skills. Throughout the sequence, students present their progress in both oral and written form, and there are ample opportunities for iterative feedback from mentors and instructors. Students also create portfolio web sites to present their work to a lay audience or potential employers. At the end of BME 8, students participate in Design Day, in which they present their completed projects before the BME External Advisory Board, faculty and mentors, and fellow students.